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  • How do I know if the timing is right for a Maltene boosting Reclamite application?

  • Is CRF-Restorative an option for my road?

  • When should I apply these treatments?

  • What about other preservation techniques like crack-filling, micro surfacing, mill and overlay, surface treatments, and full reconstruction?

  • How do I determine when to use different products based on the PCI and age of my road?

  • How do I compare the costs of different preservation strategies?

The best place to find answers to these questions would be to speak to one of our representatives.  Joel and Jeff will give you an unvarnished and truthful recommendation for your road, based on our Road Treatment Guide (RTG®) software. We will customize the software and develop a treatment plan that will give you the longest road lifespan with the lowest lifecycle costs.  We will base the recommendation on the current preservation methods within your SOTI, and add Reclamite® as an additional "top of the curve" preservation tool . Knowing the following criteria will be helpful when we have our discussion.

  • Road classification

  • AADT and suitability

  • Condition Index

  • Age

  • SOTI (State of the Infrastructure) priority rank

  • TON (Time of need)

  • Current AMP (Asset Management Plan)

  • If you don't have access to the information mentioned above, that's fine.  We can still help!


Please reach out to Joel or Jeff for a no-charge analysis of a single road, a group of road assets, or your entire road network. Our customized Road Treatment Guide RTG® software is free and there's no charge for the customization. Think of the RTG® as an easy to use, practical tool to determine the associated cost, and the kind of improvements that can be expected when you implement any preservation treatment. People have described RTG® as the missing link between their AMP/SOTI and real world, in the trenches, road preservation. Compare two strategies, shop alternative treatments, and get real-time recommendations based on your SOTI details.  We are here to help you and your municipality, so call us today for a discussion. Give it a test run by clicking the link below!

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