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CRF® Restorative Seal is a reinforced or fortified asphalt rejuvenator and sealer. It is designed to restore  pavements that have deteriorated past the point at which a straight maltene rejuvenator would be beneficial.


CRF® penetrates the surface of asphalt pavement, providing lower levels of rejuvenation and fluxing than would pure maltene rejuvenators. However, the product contains some asphaltene content, which allows the emulsion to hold sand and to fill larger voids and cracks.


CRF® is diluted 1:1, product to water, and placed by distributor at application rates of 0.4 - 0.9 liters per square meter. These amounts may be adjusted based on surface texture. In ambient temperatures of 10 deg. C., CRF® will break within 20 – 60 minutes of application. Sand is then applied at rates between 2 and 4 kgs. per square meter, then compacted. Generally, a minimum of 40% of the sand adheres to the surface. In urban settings with curb and gutter, the sand can be swept 10 - 14 days after application. Rural areas generally don’t require sweeping as traffic moves the aggregate to the shoulder.


CRF® is also very effective in rectifying surface flaws on new asphalt pavements. Areas exhibiting poor surface sealing, raveling of aggregate and poor joints and seams are easily repaired with a CRF® / sand application. Also, CRF® provides an excellent seal for hot in-place recycled pavements. It will readily penetrate, seal the surface and further restore the binder. CRF® is also used with various infrared patching systems.


CRF® can also be utilized as a rejuvenating / bonding / coating product with RAP millings. It is diluted 1:1 with water and either pug mill or blade mixed, placed using a paver or grader, then compacted. CRF® is generally utilized with RAP millings contaminated with base aggregate that requires coating and a binder.


Time Performance of CRF® Restorative Seal

Due to its naphthenic crude base, CRF® does not ‘dry out’ and become brittle with time. Its slight natural solvency allows the product to soften and penetrate asphalt pavement, causing the surface to remain flexible and more resilient to fluctuations in temperature. The sand and emulsion combination is kneaded and worked in by traffic, temperature and time to provide a seal in depth, not just a surface film like most asphalt sealers.


CRF® Restorative Seal prolongs the life of asphalt pavements by shielding the surface and structure from the damaging effects of the sun and rain. By applying the product to pavement before serious structural deterioration has occurred, major reconstruction can be significantly postponed.