My name is Jeff Convey and I reside in Stirling Ontario.  I have 2 beautiful daughters, and in our spare time we enjoy camping every weekend and love the outdoors.


I joined Superior Road Products in February of 2016.  I was tasked with expanding our brand and making SRP a familiar name among the local Eastern Ontario AORS groups.  Our agenda is quite simple; work with Towns, Municipalities and Counties to inform them of the importance of pavement rejuvenation and revitalization programs. 


The majority of my time is compiled of road visits with videos, pictures and documentation.  As a Pavement Rejuvenation Consultant, I work closely with you to address your Asset Management plans and tight budgetary restraints.  Over my tenure, I have met numerous great people and have made long lasting friendships.  We have expanded our rejuvenation programs into Eastern Ontario with the help of Marmora and Lake, Stirling-Rawdon, Renfrew County, City of Kingston, South Frontenac, Lennox and Addington County, Town of Greater Napanee, Stonemills, Deep River, North Dundas to name a few. 


We at SRP, are excited about these partnerships and look forward to many more in 2018.  Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions on how to begin the most cost effective program to saving your roads.  Or if  you see me at your local AORS, please come say hi.

Jeff Convey

Asphalt Consultant

Eastern Ontario


Jeff Convey

Superior Road Products 2016