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Reclamite Asphalt Preservation Details for 2021

Everything Residents need to know about Reclamite Asphalt Preservative Seal and the application process.

Cities, Towns and Municipalities in Ontario know that preserving asphalt roads is one of the keys to keeping future property taxes low, improving the condition of our roadways, and making our communities an even better place to live!

During the summer, you may see a construction crew from Superior Road Products applying an asphalt rejuvenator to the roads in your neighbourhood. 


This process of asphalt rejuvenation is an important and effective tool that helps roads last longer.


The application of the rejuvenator will take 45 minutes to complete. You should experience very minimal disruption to the enjoyment of your street.  Immediately after the rejuvenator has cured, sand will be applied to the asphalt. This sand will stay on the road overnight and will be swept up the following day.

What does the process look like?

1. Construction site set-up

Temporary Construction Signage will be erected to help direct traffic and keep everyone safe. Parking cars in driveways instead of parking on the street is very helpful. Please assist us by reducing your vehicle speed while in the construction zone, and observing the requests of our traffic control personnel.


2. Rejuvenator application

The asphalt rejuvenator will be spray applied using a distributor truck. The product will look pinkish and have a consistency similar to chocolate milk. Please wait to cross the emulsion with your car until sand has been applied as described below.  If you must cross freshly sprayed emulsion, please do so slowly.


3. What does the street look like with the uncured Rejuvenator on it?

The Rejuvenator takes approximately 1/2 hour to soak in and be absorbed by the road.  While this process occurs the road will look wet and may be slippery. Please use caution if you need to cross over a section.

Reclamite on road.jpg

3. Sand application

To provide traction and blot up any unabsorbed emulsion, sand will be applied to the road once the rejuvenator has cured. A dump truck will apply a thin even layer of sand to all sections of the road. Please drive slowly on the sanded road as loose sand can impede your ability to stop quickly.

sand application.PNG

3. What the street looks like after it has been sanded?

The sand will cover the entire road surface.  It may be a bit dusty and can be loose under your tires. Please drive carefully.

sanded road2.jpg

4. Street Sweeping

The day after we complete the application you will see a sweeper truck moving through your neighbourhood to remove the sand. Once again, please try to park your car in your driveway instead of on the street.  This will allow us to collect all of the sand .  Once the sweeper has left your neighbourhood the process is complete.


What does the street look like after it's been swept?

Most of the sand will have been removed by the sweeper.  You may see some areas that look discoloured and are darker than usual.  You may see some areas with a brownish tinge from the sand.  These discoloured areas will fade within a few weeks.

road after sweeping.jpg
  • Will I still be able to access my driveway?
    Yes. Our Traffic Control Persons will assist you through the construction site. You will always have access to your driveway.
  • How long will my street be closed because of this treatment?
    We never close streets to traffic. You will always have access to at least one lane of your street at any given time.
  • Can I drive my car on the preservation treatment?
    We ask that you follow the guidance of our Traffic Control Persons. They will guide you through the site. If you must cross over the treatment, use caution and reduce your speed to 5 km per hour.
  • What should I do if some of the treatment gets on my car?
    Reclamite preservative can be easily removed with WD-40 and a wash with any auto soap. This is a simple oil based product that can be easily removed. If you have another concern and can't remove the treatment from your car, please call us at 705-491-1542 and we will help you. We guarantee it.
  • My car has tracked some of the treatment onto my asphalt driveway. What do I do?
    There is no need for concern. The areas where your tires tracked the treatment may look a bit darker than the rest of the driveway. In a few weeks these marks will disappear.
  • Is the product safe for my pets?
    Yes the product is safe for pets, but we don't recommend walking your dog on the street for 2 days after the application to avoid dirty paws.
  • Is the treatment safe for my children?
    Yes, but it would be best if children do not play on or in the sand on the road, and don't play on the road for two days after the application to make sure their shoes don't track any of the product into your home.
  • I detect a smell from the treatment. Is this smell harmful to me or my family?
    The smell is harmless and will fade in a few days.
  • Where can I access the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for the Reclamite Rejuvenator?
    There is a link below to the MSDS Sheet.
  • Do I need to be concerned for my own safety?
    Reclamite has no health classifications, meaning it is safe for you, your pets and the environment. When we complete this treatment your exposure level to the product is very short as it is rapidly absorbed by the asphalt, and under normal circumstances you would likely have minimal contact with the compound at all. If you have any concerns and want to discuss them, we are happy to receive your call. Please call 705-491-1542 at any time if you have questions.
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