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At Superior Road Products we occasionally pound out some great promotions geared towards securing early commitments for work during the approaching season. This helps us predict inventory and staffing requirements, and gives a boost to customers road preservation strategies, so everybody wins.

For the 2024 construction season we have two promotions available to new and existing customers.


Back by popular demand is our first promotion. We will apply an extra 10% of the Reclamite application at no charge if we receive the Purchase Order prior to March 1st 2024.

For example; If you gave us a PO for 100,000 square meters, we would complete an additional 10,000 square meters at no charge! Applies to any project meeting the minimum.

We are also offering 2023 pricing of Reclamite for any project completed by July 31st 2024. For clarity; If you complete a planned project by July 31st you will pay $1.94/m2 instead of the 2024 price, which we expect to be $1.98/m2. These offers may be combined! Contact us for details today!

          Current SRP Promotions on Preservation Services                                                                          

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