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Providing Environmentally Friendly
Asphalt Preservation

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Pavement Preservation

Our country’s economic vitality depends on its highways to move people, goods and services, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To serve its purpose, our road system must be in good physical condition and provide a high degree of connectivity and efficiency. Pavement preservation provides the best way of maintaining road system integrity and longevity.

With timely preservation and ongoing road maintenance we can provide the traveling public with improved safety and mobility, reduced congestion, and smoother, longer lasting pavements. This is the true goal of pavement preservation.

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Dust Control

Superior Road Products serves the municipal and industrial marketplace with the supply and application of the most effective dust suppression products available. We offer a range of product options from traditional "chloride" and/or "salt brine" based products, to new-age emulsion technologies. We also offer environmentally friendly dust control for road maintenance in ecologically sensitive areas.

We have the only effective non-leaching provincially approved petroleum resin dust suppression product available in the marketplace for these sensitive areas where traditional dust suppression is not an option.

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Conserving Roads, Preserving Budgets

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Pavement Preservation in Eastern and Central ontario Proudly serving
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Pavement Preservation & Dust Control

Preparing for
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Looking back on the milestones that have defined us.

By providing the world’s best and most cost effective "green" and “low emissions” pavement preservation technologies, and environmentally responsible dust control products, Superior Road Products has become a leader in pavement preservation technologies. Superior’s introduction of cost effective and environmentally safe pavement preservation products, has lead the movement to improve the carbon footprint of the road/highway industry in Ontario, and the Maritime Provinces.

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