Defend your roads with our green technologies.

Extending the lives of your roads and defending against failures is simply good science, and that's what we specialize in, so contact Superior Road Products today to see how we can help. We provide our Road Supers and Asset Managers with smart, green and cost effective solutions to extend the lives of their roads. Let us help you prolong the lives of these expensive assets, and you can count on long-term savings in the over-all maintenance cost of your road network for years to come.

Discover exciting preservation strategies and asset management tools below. Click a picture for more details.

CRF Restorative.PNG

Learn about using CRF-Restorative Seal to rehabilitate older asphalt and surface treated roads. Sealing the surface to prevent water penetration and stabilizing aggregate is key to maintaining a good road. CRF is a great way to accomplish both of those things.

A simple green approach to avoid major remedial action.

Learn about using Reclamite In-Depth Preservative Seal to adjust the performance of asphalt cement in any asphalt road. Newer and older asphalt can really benefit from this Maltene Replacement Technology. We use science to improve the chemistry of existing A/C. Some call Reclamite a vitamin B shot for your road! An excellent way to increase the lifespan of any asphalt roadway.

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Discover how using Reclamite In-Depth Preservative Seal and CRF-Restorative Seal can lower the over-all cost of your road network. Prioritizing road asset preservation should start with the glue that holds your road together.  We can dramatically improve the performance of the asphalt in your roads, leading to longer life-spans, and lower life-cycle costs.

Learn about Asphalt Cement and the 5 major components that combine to create this amazing but complicated substance that has an impressive list of physical properties. The first roads built using asphalt cement were constructed 2,645 years ago, and although construction methods have improved, the the physical characteristics of this "glue" haven't changed at all.  If it ain't broke....

RAP is quickly becoming known as black gold.  Especially when mixed with Reclamite or Cyclogen LE!  Freshly crushed RAP laid with a paver and over-sprayed with Reclamite can produce amazing results.  A low-cost long term solution for roads with moderate traffic volumes. If you have asphalt you've recovered from past repaving projects sitting in the back forty, we can help turn it back into a beautiful asphalt.

During challenging times we believe it's important to give back. In an effort to help our partner communities, if a municipality books a virtual "lunch and learn" with us, we will donate $300 to a local worthy cause.  Homeless shelters and foodbanks are under pressure right now.  Let's team up and help them out, and help your roads out at the same time!