My name is Kevin Cope I was raised and still reside in London Ontario. I have an incredible wife and we have a blended family with 5 amazing kids.

I joined the Superior Road Products team in January 2017

Our proactive approach empowers municipal governments to align their sustainability plan with their asset management plan to deliver an effective pavement preservation strategy.

I now happily spend my days as an “asphalt evangelist” spreading the good news of pavement rejuvenation throughout Western Ontario.

 I am aware that no solution is a silver bullet for every single road, so for that very reason the majority of my time is compiled of road evaluations documenting their conditions to find the right candidate road that will bring my customers the best value. I can happily report that our solutions have proven to be a most valuable weapon in the never ending fight against pavement degradation/oxidation.  

Our team has travelled across Ontario only to find that 50% of the roads that require repairs are neglected due to budget constraints and the “worst gets it first” approach to asset management.


With this approach you and your team are typically running around “putting out fires”.

What if I told you there is a better way?  

If you would like to understand how Superior Road Products can help your municipality shift from merely “putting out fires” to “preventing fires” from ever starting please contact me.


Kevin Cope

Asphalt Consultant

Western Ontario


Kevin Cope

Superior Road Products 2016